Wednesday Wisdom: be courageous

A little over four years ago I was at one of those critical points in my life where I had two paths I could take. I could go to college and earn my Bachelor’s degree or I could not go to school and do something else like run away and live on a beach somewhere. I don’t remember what my other choice was because I think that I knew in my heart that school was the only real option for me at that point. So I started college. It was the scariest and most exciting decision I had made up to that point. I knew that I would be putting everything else on hold for the next few years to achieve this massive goal but that was okay because I knew it would be worth it. Monday I start my last year of school and I’m just as excited and scared as I was four years ago. There have been times I thought I would never finish and now I’m only six classes from graduation. Even with all the sleepless nights and stressful days I wouldn’t take any of it back. If I have learned anything during college it’s that I have a pretty good sense of intuition, it told me to go to school and it’s kept me in there every day since.

Listen to your gut people, it knows what’s up.



Wednesday Wisdom: Thank your people

Ms. Streisand had it right when she sang about people who need people. We all have people, right? Our mom’s and dad’s, best friends and aunties. People are important and let me humble brag…my people are pretty amazing. I’m lucky to have all the people that I have in my life, from friends that will always bring wine to family who will laugh at my bad jokes and support my crazy ideas no matter how harebrained they get.

Thank you people!

Thank you Mom for raising me with values and morals.

Thank you Dad for teaching me the value of a good story.

Thank you Aunts, Grandparents and Uncles, related or not, for being second parents.

Thank you Mom and Dad in-love for always treating me like family.

Thank you friends for always being able to make me smile.

A million thank you’s to all the people in my little world that make me very, very happy.

I am truly blessed.

Wednesday Wisdom: Life is wonderful

Sorry it’s been pretty quiet around here lately. Do you ever have those weeks where you look back and can’t remember how you got to the end of the month and you’re pretty sure that you just time traveled? Yeah, that’s been the last few weeks around here. We’re getting ready for a little family trip to Pittsburgh this weekend for a wedding of a dear friend. I guess that means it’s going to be quiet around here for a little bit longer.

So stay tuned, I’ll be back next week!

Wednesday Wisdom: Be happy

Make the most out of today.

Do something new.

Cross something off your to-do list.

Participate in some shenanigans.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday Wisdom: Three Little Birds


You guys, I think there is some serious universal cosmic magic happening right now. I don’t want to jinx any of this magic so I won’t, but if you have a minute could you please send Mister and I some good vibe feelings for success and good luck. Please? Thank you!

I promise to fill you in next week. Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday Wisdom: Keep Moving

First, I want to thank everyone for all the love towards my last post about our love story. It was a great anniversary, one for the books. We bought new towels and went to a housewarming BBQ. Totally romantic, I know.

You know those days weeks months, eh…times that the world just throws it all at you? This is a reoccurring theme here, I apologize if you’re tired of hearing about it. This is my life right now and good for you if you can’t relate (to much snark?). But just like a bike, or a storm or whatever analogy you want to use, you have to keep moving. No matter what happens or how stressed out I get over silly life stuff I just keep planning the wedding and the graduation and all the other stuff that’s coming up. Crafting always seems to help me clear my head so I may get a start on my Christmas projects. I would like to lose some weight before the wedding so I’m starting a new diet and running plan. Once I realized that I had absolutely no control over the things that were causing me the most stress, since I was already doing everything I could to prevent those things from happening, I decided to make goals to distract myself.  It doesn’t mean that the panic attacks when logging into online banking have subsided. It just means that they’re a bit shorter and I have to get more creative with my problem solving. As long as I am moving forward I think I’ll be okay. Pretty sure. Almost positive.

Happy Wednesday! I promise next week will be different.

Wednesday Wisdom

Sometimes we have the opportunity to look at a task ahead of us and make the impossible seem possible. We can make a plan, set goals, write lists and envision our outcome. Sometimes we don’t get that luxury and we wake up one day smack in the middle of a situation that seems impossible to get out of. It can be like quick sand for your spirit. When these situations arise it’s best to panic and call your mom, because she’ll always know what to do. You can also eat a box of Oreo’s in one night, nobody’s judging here. But the next day you have to wake up and make a plan and remember that nothing is impossible if you try.

Thank you Walt Disney.

And Nelson Mandela.

Anyway, just get moving. Do your thing you think is impossible. In all reality what’s really stopping you?


Wednesday Wisdom

I’m not going to lie you guys, these last few weeks days have been rough. For every good thing that has happened there  has been an equally bad thing to happen. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, right? This is why I didn’t take Physics. It’s just to real.

It’s nothing major, it’s just life. Mister and I are healthy and somehow manage to make each other laugh by the end of the day. We’re just caught in a storm of uncontrollable elements hurling their best at us. There are days when I feel like everything is fine, the water is calm and the wind is quick in my sails. Other days it feels like a hurricane and I can’t help but feel like I’m just flailing around aimlessly while I try to ride out the storm.

Okay, I’m done with the nautical references.

Happy Wednesday! Hey, the day after tomorrow is Friday.

Wednesday Wisdom

It’s Wednesday, time for a little motivation to get through the last part of the week. I chose this quote because I always feel like I’m trying to get somewhere before I know the destination. When I want something, or I set my mind to something, I want it done then and there. I don’t have much patience with life sometimes, but that’s something I’m definitely working on. This last term, there were weeks when I couldn’t stop thinking about how I should have been graduating and why did I have to wait two more terms before I was finished? If I had finished last term, I wouldn’t have had the opportunities that I was given during that time. And I wouldn’t know now what I didn’t know then, meaning I wouldn’t have a clearer view of what I want to do when I finally do graduate. Timing is a funny thing, something that we can try our hardest to control but we probably never really will. Maybe it’s just easier to step back and enjoy the ride.