How am I livin’? How my phone sees my life.

I was contaminated this weekend, I accidentally devoured cautiously ate a roll with butter in it. I couldn’t help it, it was delicious. I knew as soon as I ate it and so did Mister, he just looked at me, shook his head and asked where the Epi-pen was. He has this look he gets in his eyes when he thinks he may get a chance to use an Epi-pen on me, it’s kind of scary. Luckily there was no need, I didn’t go into anaphylaxis,  so I just drank more wine and hoped for the best. This was Saturday, so Sunday I felt the worst of it. The low energy, the nausea and  headache, it was all there. Monday I felt the residual effects where my entire body hurts down to my joints and it’s uncomfortable to even move.

All from one little roll! My addiction to carbs overruled my common sense, that stupid delicious bread.

While glued to the couch Sunday I noticed that I have over 900 pictures on my phone, mostly of Gypsy of course.

Here are some from the last few weeks:

IMG_1710^These two were just trouble. Onyx belongs to our friends and we took care of him for a few days^

IMG_1713^She’s really not a morning person^

IMG_1715^I got to work here last Friday, go ahead, be jealous.^

IMG_1718^My first piece of Fiesta ware. It was on bonkers sale and I couldn’t say no. It’s turquoise for god’s sake.^

IMG_1723^We went to a wedding this weekend, it was beautiful^

IMG_1730^This is Felecia, she’s simply wonderful.^

IMG_1732^This is Sarah, we take goofy pictures.^


^I love the #ABeautifulMess App.^

Speaking of A Beautiful Mess, I’ve decided to do their 30-Day-Self-Portrait-Challenge. Yes it’s narcissistic. No, I don’t really care (okay, I do a little. It’s pretty awkward actually).




^2/30 At least I can get creative with it.^

Okay, that’s it. No more pictures.

Enjoy your day!


Project 365: Week 3!

Hello all! Sorry about the radio silence this past week. I got hit with something nasty and was unable to do anything but sleep and watch trashy tv. But real life called last night and said if I didn’t show up I would be fired. Needless to say I have a very busy week ahead of me. I just love a good game of catch-up.

Here are the things I was eternally grateful for this third week of 2012:

15/365: Cheesy Sweet Potato Fries. All the flavor, slightly less guilt.

16/365: Snow Day.

17/365: Organization tools. My life savers.

18/365: Date Night. Chinese food and movies in bed.

19/365: Girls night in. Something that was much needed after my week.

20/365: My necklace. The heart pendant was a gift from Mister on our first Christmas together. The Opal pendant was a gift to my mom from my dad many moons ago.

21/365: My quilt. It was made by my grandmother and it is one of the warmest things on the planet, it’s also fun and colorful. I love it very much.

Have a great week everyone!


Project 365- Week 2!

Hello all!

I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend so far, and if you are lucky enough to have tomorrow off then I hope you have a great long weekend.

Here are the pics from week two of something everyday that I am thankful for.

Someone that will make crazy concoctions with me

8/365: A mister that will make crazy concoctions in the kitchen with me.

A bed I didn't have to make

9/365: Clean sheets on a bed I didn’t have to make. Apparently Gypsy is pretty thankful for this too.

warm lunch on a cold day

10/365: Warm lunch on a very, very cold day.


11/365: Wintertime sunsets


12/365: Mister has my favorite mountain range as the screensaver on his phone. You know, in case I get homesick.

beautiful walks home

13/365: My neighborhood is pretty amazing. Every time I walk through it on my way home from school it reminds me that my life should be directed by John Hughes.

good friends that give us good music

14/365: These are some of my friends, they’re in a band. When they play in town it’s always a good time. Something to be very thankful for indeed.

Have a great week everybody!

A love letter to 2012

Dear 2012,

This year I’m going to do a few things different. I’m going to be a better version of me. I won’t let the things that stress me out control my life. I’m going to be more organized. I’m going to be a better friend and family member. I’m going to get my cards sent out on time, and my calls made.

I’m also going to eat better and take care of my body. I’m going to paint my nails and curl my hair. I won’t be afraid to be a little girly, not this year.

I’m going to make my own flavored vodka, something I’m super excited for.

At least I’m going to try really, really hard.

Watch out 2012, I’m putting up a fight this year.

And with the way we rang in the new year, I think we got off to a good start.

I know these are a little late, but I wanted to share some of my favorites from our night with family and friends.

These girls have known each other for a very long time, they just let me take photos with them at parties.

Mister and one of his oldest friends, Alex. We were at Alex’s parents house for the party. They always have great shin-digs. Do people still say that?

Me and Felicia, who is Alex’s fiance. Love her!

Mister and his buddies.

My friend Sarah and I, we like to ham it up for the camera. Imagine.

And finally, a New Years kiss.

Here’s to a Happy New Year!

Even if it is a little late.



Project 365!

I decided to give myself a challenge this year, I wanted something that was creative and fun and also a little challenging. I had seen a few other bloggers do a Project 365 and thought I would give it a try.

It’s pretty easy, and extremely difficult at the same time. Much like most things. Basically, you choose something to photograph everyday. You can choose a theme, something like your food, or you can just take a random photo of your day. I chose a theme, I mean of course I chose a theme. Have you met me? After careful consideration I chose…

Something each day that I am thankful for.

And you thought I was going to say Gypsy! I thought about it…

It’s already proving to be a challenge. Not because there are a lack of things in my life I am grateful for on a daily basis, it’s that I have to remember to photograph them. But I think I’ll get used to it. Some of these are bound to be silly, don’t we all have days where we’re thankful for simply having access to some fro-yo?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to post these everyday. I’ll store them up and make one post a week, I think that could save us all.

So here we go:

Week One: January 1-7, 2012

Breakfast with mister at a very small table

1/365: Breakfast dates with mister, at very tiny tables


2/365: Gypsy for reminding me it’s okay to take it easy sometimes.

Food in the messy fridge

3/365: Food in the fridge, no matter how messy it is.

A view like this at work

4/365: This is the view from the office I work at, this day I got a raise. Something to be very thankful for.

Costco membership

5/365: My Costco membership. A year’s worth of laundry detergent, trash bags, and rice? Most definitely.

studying at UO

6/365: The opportunity to study here. Kind of a big deal to a small town Idaho girl.

drinks with friends

7/365: Making old friends new again over tequila shots. It happens.