Sometimes I do this thing where I decide on a project I want to do and get all excited, I think I’ll put it up here on the good ol’ blog with pictures and everything. Then somewhere along the way it doesn’t happen like I think it should so I just abandon all hope of sharing with you and just…don’t. It probably has something to do with this nasty habit of wanting to make everything perfect. It’s not going to be perfect because life is not perfect. I know that all I can do is my best…but sometimes that just doesn’t seem like enough even though I’m sure none of you would know the difference. That’s not a snide comment at you, how would you know I messed up the pictures or started three times? You don’t right? Well now you do. This perfectionist complex is something I’m working on. Daily.

Anyway! For the last, oh, three years mister and I have been saying that we’re going to organize the garage. Get rid of stuff we don’t need or want and put the rest into nice storage tubs all lined up on shelves. That hasn’t happened. At all. Probably because we never really had a reason to actually clean the garage. I mean we would shuffle stuff around and stack the boxes nicely when it got out of control, but we never actually got rid of anything. Well, now we have a reason to clean the garage. It looks like we may be getting a boat! That’s a story for another time, but we’re hoping the new boat will fit in the garage if the garage is cleaned out. And thus, #projectgarage was born!


Cleaning and organizing a space that size is a huge project that is easily overwhelming. Where do you even start? In the corner? With the boxes? What about the Christmas stuff? It’s enough to give you a headache and want to quit before you’ve even started. So how do you eat a giant cheeseburger? One bite at a time! Starting this weekend I began spending 30 minutes a day in the garage solely working on small projects. I set a timer, put on some music or a podcast and just work for 30 solid minutes. The time flies and it is so much less intimidating!

The first day I focused on the laundry area. Our washer and dryer are in the corner so I cleaned up the shelves above and organized our cleaning products. Then I cleaned off all the surfaces and organized the garden stuff into a little bookshelf next to the dryer. I designated an area at the front of the garage for larger items that need to be taken away.

washer and dryer


The second day I decided I wanted all my craft supplies to be stored in the cabinet that used to store all our extra goods from Costco and house decorations that we’re not using at this moment. I put my fabric in one clear storage bin and my yarn in another and made room for both of them. I will need to find somewhere to put the decorations that were in there but I think I can make room for them in my linen closet. There are still some craft supplies around the garage so I will definitely need more storage solutions here, but I think this is a good start.


Day three we hung a shelf above an old desk that has been a dumping ground for all sorts of miscellaneous junk. All the spray paint and tools went on the shelf along with some other random things. Eventually I want to add some peg board to this area for easier access to our tools.

shelf and desk

So there are no before pictures, only after, I hope that doesn’t matter. From here on out I’ll try to be more diligent at taking a picture before I start working. What household projects have you been putting off? Would working on them a little bit at a time help you accomplish them? It really is amazing what you can accomplish in only 30 minutes.


A year from today….


I took this screen shot of my wedding countdown app as soon as I realized it was past midnight. I’m just a nerd like that.

OMGEEEEE you guys! Exactly one year from today I’ll be waking up and getting ready for what I can only hope will be one of the top five days of my entire life. I could say that it will be the best day of my life so far. I’m assuming I’ll have children and that could trump the day I finally get to wear that kick-ass vintage dress that is hanging in my closet. It’s possible, except that dress is ah-mazing so those kids better be pretty great.

Anyway, enough about the dress (for now).

Of course, I have a lot to do before this shin-dig. I have a marvelous friend that is helping me plan  and I honestly don’t think I would be able to pull off what I want to do without her. She’ll be my much needed voice of reason when my Pinterest crazed wedding brain says that I want everything wrapped in lace and burlap. What do you mean people don’t want to drink out of mason jars with real-life flowers on them? You mean we can’t make 100 different themed hand made place cards? To much? Not possible. These are the things she’ll keep me from doing, I already know I’ll be eternally grateful.

You know I have a list for this. This sort of thing was made for lists!

Getting this wedding started:

1. Visit the venue, sign the new contract, take millions of pictures (happening on Sunday)

2. Nail down what kind of budget help the parental units will be giving (hint, hint parents that are reading this. You are reading this, right?)

3. Find a photographer and book it, set up engagement photo time.

4. Connect with the most amazing Lenore (who is also my MOH) to nail down invite/website/overall awesomeness theme for everything paper related.

5. Finally decide who will be in the wedding party…and let those people know.

6. Get guest lists from parents (are you still reading?) and make a starting guest count.

7. Start gathering addresses

8. Find a seamstress that will not ruin the beading and lace on my dress.

9. Start gathering craft supplies for decor and other things.

10. Remember to have fun and not get stressed out about the little things (should this have been first? Maybe.)

Of course I’ll keep ya’ll updated with all the haps and projects we’ll be working on this next year.

Now I’m going to go try on my dress and twirl around for a little bit.

Summer Shenanigans

I mentioned last week that I was having a hard time adjusting to my new found summer freedom with no school. I think adjusting may be the wrong word choice here, I’m actually doing great without all that homework and required reading. The problem is I may be doing a little to great. I need some structure in my daily routine or else this summer is going to be over and I won’t have anything to show for it besides a high score in Pet Rescue Saga. Seriously, that’s what those long grey winters are for.

I have three main things that I want to focus on this summer and since I told ya’ll I would share them with you, here’s the first list.

This is also the best list, because it’s the fun list.

Super Summer Shenanigans:

1. Make boozy popsicles (this could be the best idea or worst idea ever)

2. Jam it up! Get out the mason jars and berries and make some jam! And maybe pickles.

3. Keep my Fuchsia plant alive (I thought it was dead, but then it came back. I renamed it Fuchsia zombiacea (few-she-ah zombie-acea) pictured above). 

4. Read 5 books that I choose! (1/5 completed! Great Gatsby was great.)

5. Go to a baseball game (summer=baseball)

6. Pick some berries (See #2)

7. Go camping (summer=baseball+camping)

8. Hike a new trail (summer adventure!)

9. Float the river (adult style, in the inflatable kayak. No more tubes for me)

10. Make “Bailey’s” ice cubes (this could be the best idea or the worst idea ever)

11. Swim in my new bikini (Sarah, if you’re reading this, that means you girl!)

12. Go on a picnic (romantic or not, whatevs)

13. Go to a concert outdoor concert (Already had my indoor concert experience. Time for some outdoor, blanket, sunset watching music)

14. Take an absurd amount of pictures (see link in #13)

15. Have the best summer ever (no pressure)

Have a great weekend! I’m going to get started on this list, maybe some boozy popsicles are in store for this weekend…

Summer Lovin’

You guys, I am BORED! B-O-R-E-D! Like becoming a Candy Crush expert, three seasons deep into Gilmore Girls BORED. Read an entire book in one day bored. I’ve only been out of school for a month, which is pretty much the longest break from school I’ve had in almost two years and I really have no idea what to do with myself.

Even though we’ve been super busy this last month with all sorts of summer things like weddings, barbecues and concerts it doesn’t seem like I’ve been busy. I guess when you get used to having 3+ hours of homework every night when that’s gone you suddenly have what seems like a lot of free time on your hands.


We went to a wedding on the coast a few weeks ago and caught this rare sunny day. Beautiful beach day: check!

At first it was great but now I’m geting antsy.

You know what antsy means…time to write a list. Yay lists!

Here it is:

1. Plan the wedding (Only 356 days)

2. Organize and purge the house (In case we move, which we probably will)

3. Have an amazing summer (Oh right…that.)

Yeah, no big deal. Just a few things to do. Since next year will be such a huge year with so many major real life events like graduating college, getting married and moving I really need to use this time wisely. This is kind of like the calm before the storm so I really want to use this time to prepare for Hurricane Real Life (name pending, leave suggestions in the box).

I won’t bore you with one long list of all my goals at one time. Instead I’ll break them up and share them, then keep you updated on the progress. Maybe I’ll get some new tips and tricks to share!

Until then please send more lives in Candy Crush.

Please and thank you.

Get Ready to Organize Yo’self!

One of my goals for 2012 is the same as one I made for 2011…okay there are a few of these. Like eating healthier, working out, drinking less…blah, blah, blah. But there is one that I am determined to achieve this year: Being more organized. Oh yeah, it’s going to happen.

And you’re going to help me! I know that when I set up a challenge you guys are pretty awesome at keeping me in check and making sure that I follow through. There’s also a little part of me that hopes this inspires you too, and then we can all share our stories and sing songs and make cookies.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

Each month I’m going to organize a room in my house, obviously this won’t take an entire year since I only have 5 rooms in my house, 6 if you count the black hole known as the garage. Each week during that month I’ll be sharing some organization tips that I discover along the way.

Office, you're going down!

I’m also going to be sharing some of my tips for handling everyday life. We’re all busy people, and we all have days/weeks where we think it’s just not going to get done. Now I know that we’re all different, and we’re all juggling different schedules. I’m not expecting to solve all the problems, but let’s try some new things and see what happens.

Google calendar + to-do notebook=organizing bliss

You all know that I love to cook right? Well I’ll also be bringing in some tips and tricks I’ve found that help me to make homemade meals during the week. I’ll give you a hint: they involve loud music, cocktails and some quality time with some of my favorite kitchen appliances. Oh yeah.

Basically, we’re going to grab our golden lasso, put on some high boots and become Wonder Woman. Why not?

Now if only I could find that plane…