The ‘Burgh: Part One!

Have you seen the movie “Contagion” with Matt Damon and Gwenyth Paltrow? Where she cheats on her husband, gets on a plane then unleashes a massive worldwide pandemic that wipes out 2/3 of the population? Okay, so maybe it doesn’t happen like that exactly…but all those things do happen. It’s good, you should watch it, but go stock up on antibacterial gel and hand soap first. Trust me.

Why do I bring up that movie? Well because that happened to me! No, I didn’t cheat on my husband and unleash a worldwide pandemic. And no, mister and I did not get married (calm yourselves!). But I did get on a plane and I did get sick when I got home. CONTAGION!!

Last weekend mister and I took a little trip to Pittsburgh, PA to see one of our dearest friends get married. Mister was also in the wedding which was fun for me because that meant that I got to go to all the fun parties AND I got to see him all dressed up in a tux. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

This was our third and last wedding of the summer and as much fun as we had at all of them this one probably takes the cake (sorry, Sarah!). First of all the rehearsal dinner was at The National Aviary which is a bird zoo. A really awesome Bird Zoo! They even brought out a penguin to meet the couple during dinner. It was beyond awesome.


^Toucans know how to pose.^


^This is a Stellar’s Sea Eagle^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^I’m pretty sure he could eat Gypsy^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^Flamingos! I didn’t go through all the exhibits until after dark. I spent to much time with the…PENGUINS!!!^


^No, those were the appetizers. Cute, right? ^


^This was Simon and he was a total flirt!^



^Just adorable^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^They even brought one out for the couple to meet.^


^The couple- Joe and Mary. There is so much love between the two of them it’s inspiring.^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^They also brought out this guy, a one-eyed Bard Owl. I call him Winky. ^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^Obligatory family photo. That’s mister, me, his dad, mom and twin brother. Good looking family right!^

Even though we were only there for the weekend I feel like we saw a lot of stuff. Or at least my camera says we did. Tomorrow I’ll share some pics of the city that I took while walking around. Sidenote: I have 394 pictures of various buildings and 0 pictures of mister and I on this trip. I guess after this long you forget? I mean how does that even happen? I hope someone has one somewhere…and if so will you send it to me?


Case of the Mondays

We’ve all had those days right? Yesterday was one of those days. A straight up case of the Mondays.

Even though I woke up early, I still was late for work. I have no explanation.

I checked the wrong bank account and then sent mister on a wild goose chase for a deposit that was already in the account…the other account.

I had to stop by the store after work and picked up a few more things than I thought, then had to buy a bag because I forgot mine and I live in a town that has banned plastic bags at the grocery stores.

We took a walk around our neighborhood and Princess Gypsy decided to use the fancy neighbors pristinely manicured lawn as a bathroom. We of course, forgot a bag. Staying on theme as always.

And the most annoying….

I was about 3/4 through a new blog post and WordPress crashed. It was not this post, this is the replacement post.

Hopefully this was my monthly Case of the Monday’s. Here’s some pictures from the last few weeks:



^ I cleaned/purged our bedroom and marked the time in Rum and Harry Potter. It was 2 1/2 Harry Potters, 2 Rum and Cokes.^


^Gypsy clearly approved of the room when it was done.^


^ More peeks of our wedding venue. I can’t wait for my friends and family to see this place! ^


^ Part of the aisle, cute right? ^


^ I started a new diet I’m changing the way I’m eating. This means massive food prep. ^


^ I think these were my last berries of summer. Sad, sad, times. ^

IMG_1793^ This is what happens when I go to the farm for produce. I spend all our money on fresh vegetables. ^


^ Cheat day!! Pizza no cheese, you’re jealous I know.^


^More cleaning. This time we both tackled the house. Inside and out. Only took 5 hours, 1 1/2 pots of coffee and leftover pizza. ^


^ I love this table! It’s at one of my favorite Eugene restaurants, Holy Cow, and dinner with Colleen is always a fun time. ^


^ First outing of my new favorite vintage find. First girls night with Sarah, Michelle and Nicki. Fun times girls, fun times indeed. ^

Hopefully Tuesday will make Monday a drink and she’ll calm down a bit for next week.

All I know is I’m already having a case of the Fridays.

This is something else entirely.

Originally I was going to do a “weekend photo post” but then I got to Sunday and looked through my pictures and realized that would be so incredibly boring and I didn’t want to put you to sleep.  So this post may be a little random, a little chaotic, a little like how I am in real life. Real talk, real life, yo.

This weekend was pretty low-key which was really nice. I started the morning with a little blogging/computer time.


During the week I’m really good about eating breakfast, during the weekend I’m really bad about eating breakfast. My focus in the morning is usually Gypsy snuggles and coffee, not eggs and cooking them. This day I forgot to eat until around 11:30, which is technically brunch time, right? So I took my Carne Asada wet burrito from the night before, heated that baby up and put an egg on it. Personally, I think that anything with an egg on it will constitute as breakfast food.


The rest of the day was lazy, I took a nap, then we went to the grocery store. So exciting, I know.

Saturday I decided to purge and clean my bedroom. It took two and half Harry Potter movies, three cups of coffee, a large rum and coke and three Oreo’s to finish. Okay, it was probably more than three Oreo’s, whatever.


Half way through cleaning I got an alert that my friend Shannon had posted on her blog. She was one of my friends that I nominated for the Liebster, apparently since it’s a some-what made up award you can also make up your own rules. So Shannon nominated me back! Now I have 10 more questions to answer. I’m convinced it’s because she was upset that I told her she had homework during her summer break.  Here they are:

1. Why do you blog?

I love to write and I think there are at least three abandoned blogs that I started out there somewhere in the interwebs. I kept trying to fit into a niche that just wasn’t me. I finally decided that I was just going to write, I would share my life with whoever wanted to read it. Also, I’m pretty bad at keeping in touch with people, especially my family. I figured this could be a way for them to at least know that I was still alive and not in jail.

2. If you could own one thing off your Pinterest boards, what would it be?

Why would you ask this question? I can’t just choose one thing. That’s absurd. I love all my pins! But I guess if I had to choose one it would be this gorgeous collection of Pyrex:


3. What is the best plate of food you have ever eaten?

Honestly, I have no idea! The only thing that comes to mind is the massive Thanksgiving feasts that my group of friends put together. We go all out, and it has to be one of the top meals of the year. My friend Sean does things with Brussel Sprouts that should be illegal.

4. There are a lot of retro fashion trends coming back lately…which one do wish would have stayed in the past where it belongs?

Are booty shorts a retro fashion trend? If not I think they need to go away anyway. If I can see your butt cheek whilst walking behind you, they are to damn short. I mean how do you even sit down in those?

5. What fictional character is most like you?

Woah, this is pretty deep. Blame the fact that I just watched the first three Harry Potter movies but I’m going to go with Hermione Granger. At first she’s annoying with all her know-it-all-ness, but eventually she grows on you. She’s always there to have her friends back no matter what, and she doesn’t take any grief from anyone, except Ron, who she’s in love with. She’s smart, strong and witty. Three things I think I am too.

6. Who shot first?

I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re talking about Star Wars, and the change in the scene between Han Solo and the bounty hunter. Han shot first, and he was the only one who did. Some things shouldn’t be messed with. Han Solo is one of them.

If not, then it was definitely the other guy.

7. Umbrella, rain boots, waterproof coats or none of the above?

This is Oregon for goodness sake. You definitely need a waterproof coat. I just bought rain boots, but I never use them. Never use an umbrella. Ever. Unless you want people to think you’re from California, and nobody wants that.

8. For a moment disregard that bills have to be paid or learning would have to be done…what is your dream job?

I always say I want to be one of the in-game reporters for a baseball team. Preferably the Giants, because they’re my favorites.

9.  Someone gives you $500, what do you do with it?

The responsible side of my brain says, pay your bills, put it in savings, open a CD!  The fun side says go on a massive shopping spree! Or buy a plane ticket to go see a friend or family member I haven’t seen in a long time. Eh, probably shopping. Most certainly shopping.

10. Did you have an imaginary friend growing up? Or you know…in college?

This is a joke between me and Shannon, you’ll have to read her post about being nominated. Basically I’m her imaginary friend, she has a vibrant imagination that one. But seriously, I’m an only child, so even if I don’t remember them, I’m about 95% sure I had an imaginary friend growing up.

Good questions, Shannon! I really had to think on most of those, thanks for waking up my brain during summer break.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet, we visited our wedding venue where I took a million pictures and mister finally got excited. Because I can’t resist and ya’ll have been so patient if you’re still reading this, so here’s a sneak peak:



That’s from the ceremony area looking up to where the reception will be. The place is beyond magical, it’s just plain perfect.

Have a happy Tuesday!

A year from today….


I took this screen shot of my wedding countdown app as soon as I realized it was past midnight. I’m just a nerd like that.

OMGEEEEE you guys! Exactly one year from today I’ll be waking up and getting ready for what I can only hope will be one of the top five days of my entire life. I could say that it will be the best day of my life so far. I’m assuming I’ll have children and that could trump the day I finally get to wear that kick-ass vintage dress that is hanging in my closet. It’s possible, except that dress is ah-mazing so those kids better be pretty great.

Anyway, enough about the dress (for now).

Of course, I have a lot to do before this shin-dig. I have a marvelous friend that is helping me plan  and I honestly don’t think I would be able to pull off what I want to do without her. She’ll be my much needed voice of reason when my Pinterest crazed wedding brain says that I want everything wrapped in lace and burlap. What do you mean people don’t want to drink out of mason jars with real-life flowers on them? You mean we can’t make 100 different themed hand made place cards? To much? Not possible. These are the things she’ll keep me from doing, I already know I’ll be eternally grateful.

You know I have a list for this. This sort of thing was made for lists!

Getting this wedding started:

1. Visit the venue, sign the new contract, take millions of pictures (happening on Sunday)

2. Nail down what kind of budget help the parental units will be giving (hint, hint parents that are reading this. You are reading this, right?)

3. Find a photographer and book it, set up engagement photo time.

4. Connect with the most amazing Lenore (who is also my MOH) to nail down invite/website/overall awesomeness theme for everything paper related.

5. Finally decide who will be in the wedding party…and let those people know.

6. Get guest lists from parents (are you still reading?) and make a starting guest count.

7. Start gathering addresses

8. Find a seamstress that will not ruin the beading and lace on my dress.

9. Start gathering craft supplies for decor and other things.

10. Remember to have fun and not get stressed out about the little things (should this have been first? Maybe.)

Of course I’ll keep ya’ll updated with all the haps and projects we’ll be working on this next year.

Now I’m going to go try on my dress and twirl around for a little bit.

Wednesday Wisdom

Sometimes we have the opportunity to look at a task ahead of us and make the impossible seem possible. We can make a plan, set goals, write lists and envision our outcome. Sometimes we don’t get that luxury and we wake up one day smack in the middle of a situation that seems impossible to get out of. It can be like quick sand for your spirit. When these situations arise it’s best to panic and call your mom, because she’ll always know what to do. You can also eat a box of Oreo’s in one night, nobody’s judging here. But the next day you have to wake up and make a plan and remember that nothing is impossible if you try.

Thank you Walt Disney.

And Nelson Mandela.

Anyway, just get moving. Do your thing you think is impossible. In all reality what’s really stopping you?


How am I livin’? How my phone sees my life.

I was contaminated this weekend, I accidentally devoured cautiously ate a roll with butter in it. I couldn’t help it, it was delicious. I knew as soon as I ate it and so did Mister, he just looked at me, shook his head and asked where the Epi-pen was. He has this look he gets in his eyes when he thinks he may get a chance to use an Epi-pen on me, it’s kind of scary. Luckily there was no need, I didn’t go into anaphylaxis,  so I just drank more wine and hoped for the best. This was Saturday, so Sunday I felt the worst of it. The low energy, the nausea and  headache, it was all there. Monday I felt the residual effects where my entire body hurts down to my joints and it’s uncomfortable to even move.

All from one little roll! My addiction to carbs overruled my common sense, that stupid delicious bread.

While glued to the couch Sunday I noticed that I have over 900 pictures on my phone, mostly of Gypsy of course.

Here are some from the last few weeks:

IMG_1710^These two were just trouble. Onyx belongs to our friends and we took care of him for a few days^

IMG_1713^She’s really not a morning person^

IMG_1715^I got to work here last Friday, go ahead, be jealous.^

IMG_1718^My first piece of Fiesta ware. It was on bonkers sale and I couldn’t say no. It’s turquoise for god’s sake.^

IMG_1723^We went to a wedding this weekend, it was beautiful^

IMG_1730^This is Felecia, she’s simply wonderful.^

IMG_1732^This is Sarah, we take goofy pictures.^


^I love the #ABeautifulMess App.^

Speaking of A Beautiful Mess, I’ve decided to do their 30-Day-Self-Portrait-Challenge. Yes it’s narcissistic. No, I don’t really care (okay, I do a little. It’s pretty awkward actually).




^2/30 At least I can get creative with it.^

Okay, that’s it. No more pictures.

Enjoy your day!

Summer Shenanigans

I mentioned last week that I was having a hard time adjusting to my new found summer freedom with no school. I think adjusting may be the wrong word choice here, I’m actually doing great without all that homework and required reading. The problem is I may be doing a little to great. I need some structure in my daily routine or else this summer is going to be over and I won’t have anything to show for it besides a high score in Pet Rescue Saga. Seriously, that’s what those long grey winters are for.

I have three main things that I want to focus on this summer and since I told ya’ll I would share them with you, here’s the first list.

This is also the best list, because it’s the fun list.

Super Summer Shenanigans:

1. Make boozy popsicles (this could be the best idea or worst idea ever)

2. Jam it up! Get out the mason jars and berries and make some jam! And maybe pickles.

3. Keep my Fuchsia plant alive (I thought it was dead, but then it came back. I renamed it Fuchsia zombiacea (few-she-ah zombie-acea) pictured above). 

4. Read 5 books that I choose! (1/5 completed! Great Gatsby was great.)

5. Go to a baseball game (summer=baseball)

6. Pick some berries (See #2)

7. Go camping (summer=baseball+camping)

8. Hike a new trail (summer adventure!)

9. Float the river (adult style, in the inflatable kayak. No more tubes for me)

10. Make “Bailey’s” ice cubes (this could be the best idea or the worst idea ever)

11. Swim in my new bikini (Sarah, if you’re reading this, that means you girl!)

12. Go on a picnic (romantic or not, whatevs)

13. Go to a concert outdoor concert (Already had my indoor concert experience. Time for some outdoor, blanket, sunset watching music)

14. Take an absurd amount of pictures (see link in #13)

15. Have the best summer ever (no pressure)

Have a great weekend! I’m going to get started on this list, maybe some boozy popsicles are in store for this weekend…

Real Life, Real Talk.

I was planning a post about my Fall Bucket List today, but then life happened. Well actually, dairy happened. Which when you have an allergy to cows, or any food based allergy, kind of makes you stop in your tracks. Living with a food allergy changes your life, you have to be aware of everything that goes into your body. And I mean everything.

For those of you who don’t know my allergy story, I talk about it more here. It’s something I’ll be sharing more about, now that I have to change the way I cook and bake. I’ve also found some inspiration in other dairy-free blogs, so maybe there’s a little part of me that hopes to help someone with my story. Allergies are a tricky business and even though I watch a lot of Grey’s Anatomy I am not a doctor. I’m happy to share my experiences but if you think you have a food allergy it’s best to contact an allergist or your doctor so they can run some tests.

There’s another thing that I should clarify. I am allergic. Not lactose intolerant. They are two different things, and they have different symptoms. When I eat something with dairy in it sometimes it takes me up to two days to feel any symptoms. When I do I feel run-down, kind of like I have the flu, but without the fever. Other times I feel the effects almost immediately after eating, they are violent and painful and basically wipe me out for an entire day. This is what happened last night.

We hardly ever order out since it is so risky, but last night we decided to get pizza from the only pizza place that delivers and offers vegan cheese. I ordered my pizza and made my substitutions while crossing my fingers and making a wish that they would get it right. There are many things that make eating out beyond annoying and one of those is asking for ingredients to be left off or substituted on an order. I usually get a 75% accuracy rate across the board.

They didn’t get it right. When this happens I just have to weigh my options, decide how hard it would be to remove the offender or if it’s possible to pick around it. The offender in question was pesto sauce, I had substituted regular sauce but it came with pesto, something that is pretty hard to get around on a pizza. I decided to eat it anyway, since I had actually eaten it before and in my starving state could not recall any noticeable symptoms. Now I probably should have known better, pesto by most recipes, contains parmesan cheese. But I was delirious and like I said, I had eaten it before.

About 20 minutes later I started to feel sick to my stomach, which was my first warning sign. At 45 minutes my heart rate became irregular and I was extremely dizzy. Thanks to Grey’s I know that this is called anaphylaxis, and it’s no joke. I called the restaurant who confirmed that there was milk and cheese in the pesto (they also refunded my entire order) and then I started trying to calm my heart down. Honestly when I’m in the middle of an attack like that my body just kind of takes over and I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Last night was one of the worst reactions I’ve had. The nausea and abdominal pain didn’t leave until around 3 am, and when my alarm went off this morning I was exhausted. My body felt like it had just been in a rumble and even though I tried as hard as I could I had to stay home and rest. I don’t like calling into work, and this week was probably the worst timing, but I had to. I also had to miss my favorite class, and a lab. Luckily my professor, who also has a food allergy, completely understood. Mister was a great caretaker, as always when this type of thing happens, he’s always so supportive and tries his hardest to help me feel better. But really I spent whatever time I wasn’t sleeping watching day time talk shows. Did you know Ricki Lake is back? Love her!

But really I spent most of my day with this girl:


One thing about having a blog is that you can pick and choose which parts of your life you want to share with the internet. I had juggled sharing this type of experience, but it’s my real life and you guys deserve some real talk.

Thanks for reading.


We All Scream for Ice Cream…well, not anymore.

As promised, I have a few big announcements to make. I’ll make one today and one tomorrow. This one is kind of sad, for me. Not for you, so don’t worry. You see, apparently it’s common for your allergies to change as you grow, um, older. And that it’s common in your late 20’s to develop a new allergy or for an old allergy to change. Well, since I am now officially in my late 20’s (ouch) it seems I have become a statistic. Yes, I do believe I have a food allergy. To dairy.

Dude, dairy is in everything.

At least all the good foods.Cheese, Milk and yogurt are the obvious culprits. But chocolate, chips, bread, butter, sour cream, cheeseburgers, donuts and cupcakes, nachos, cheese fries, Alfredo and Stroganoff sauces, waffles and pancakes, and some cereals. I seem to find something new everyday. I could deal with all that, there are some fine substitutes out there for all those things. But then I realized. The worst one.

No Ice Cream.


Now there are some great Coconut substitutes, Trader Joe’s has a great one. But nothing beats real ice cream. Even then I thought, it’s going to be okay. This is easy, it’ll just be like going on a weird diet.


This is a substantial life change. I think it hit mister and me when we were out and decided to stop at a Greek restaurant for lunch. They have the best Gyros, and we were both so excited until I remembered, No Feta, No Tzatziki. I got a salad, with olive oil and gyro meat. And then I got a cocktail.

It hasn’t been easy, and it’s not going to be easy. But I’m about three solid weeks free of dairy and I feel amazing. I feel so good that I finally realize how long I’ve been sick. Really I’ve been feeling some symptoms for about a year, but they started getting increasingly worse 4-5 months ago and finally about 2 months ago I really took note and decided to change something.

I have yet to go to the doctor and get this confirmed. I have an appointment soon, and we’ll figure it out from there. Instead of immediately going to the doctor, I called my two best friends who have their own food allergies and asked for their opinions. They told me their experiences, and I took their advice. Plus, those tests are flipping expensive! I just wanted to have an idea of what it could be before I went in.

So there is one of the big announcements. I’ll make sure to talk about this more, and share some stories with you guys. For now, just watch this clip from Portlandia.

Allergy Pride.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Get Ready to Organize Yo’self!

One of my goals for 2012 is the same as one I made for 2011…okay there are a few of these. Like eating healthier, working out, drinking less…blah, blah, blah. But there is one that I am determined to achieve this year: Being more organized. Oh yeah, it’s going to happen.

And you’re going to help me! I know that when I set up a challenge you guys are pretty awesome at keeping me in check and making sure that I follow through. There’s also a little part of me that hopes this inspires you too, and then we can all share our stories and sing songs and make cookies.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

Each month I’m going to organize a room in my house, obviously this won’t take an entire year since I only have 5 rooms in my house, 6 if you count the black hole known as the garage. Each week during that month I’ll be sharing some organization tips that I discover along the way.

Office, you're going down!

I’m also going to be sharing some of my tips for handling everyday life. We’re all busy people, and we all have days/weeks where we think it’s just not going to get done. Now I know that we’re all different, and we’re all juggling different schedules. I’m not expecting to solve all the problems, but let’s try some new things and see what happens.

Google calendar + to-do notebook=organizing bliss

You all know that I love to cook right? Well I’ll also be bringing in some tips and tricks I’ve found that help me to make homemade meals during the week. I’ll give you a hint: they involve loud music, cocktails and some quality time with some of my favorite kitchen appliances. Oh yeah.

Basically, we’re going to grab our golden lasso, put on some high boots and become Wonder Woman. Why not?

Now if only I could find that plane…