Friday Favorites: It’s about time.

Happy Friday!

Remember when birthdays were all about balloons and cupcakes? They were magical days where you got pancakes for breakfast and your favorite dinner and there was lots of cake. Ah, the good old days of youth. I think we should bring those back.

My birthday is coming up, it’s on the 30th, that’s the last Monday of the month. It’s also the day of my math midterm. Neither of these things make me think of fun and balloons. But I’ve been promised cake so at least there’s that.

Anyway. I found myself in a situation today where I didn’t have my phone within reach (gasp!) and I couldn’t see a clock anywhere but I needed to know what time it was. I was in such a pickle that I looked down to consult my watch, when I remembered…I don’t own one.

So I figured I would take the opportunity to ask for a birthday present from mister and finally get a watch. It seemed like the responsible and grown up thing to do.

Here are his choices, even though he already knows the one that I really, really want.


La Mer Collection




Which one do you guys think it is?

Have a great weekend!




Friday Favorites! New Years Eve edition…

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, which means it’s time to gather with friends and celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of another. Usually the mister and I stay home and make a nice dinner with a good bottle of wine and watch some movies. This year we’re going to a party at our friend’s parents house. They’re the same people we spend Fourth of July with so it’s practically guarantied to be a great time.

We’re doing our traditional New Year’s Eve together tonight, and we’re watching the last two Harry Potter movies. I still haven’t seen the final one, I got extra Kleenex at the store today just to be safe.  But I digress.

Even though this party is definitely something that I could wear my regular t-shirt and jeans to, I think it’s important to get a little fancy for New Year’s Eve. What better way to celebrate a fresh year but in a pretty dress with your hair done properly? It is a celebration after all. Even when we stay home we at least put our nicest comfy clothes on.

So for today’s favorites I thought I would share some pretty dresses that I think would be perfect for a little party.

Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth

Top Shop











I love every one of these beauties, but I think my favorite one is the bottom right berry colored one. It has a cape! I’m thinking of ordering it for my birthday, I think I’ll feel like a super hero in it. Bonus!

I really think these cute dresses would look great with some super trendy brightly colored or lacy tights. Kind of like these:


So bright and festive!

Whatever your plans are for New Year’s Eve are I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves to the fullest!

By the way, here are the links going clockwise:

1. Mod Cloth 2. Mod Cloth 3. Top Shop 4. Ruche 5. Ruche

And for the tights: Polyvore

Friday Favorites! A Christmas Edition…

Happy Friday!

Is everybody ready for Christmas on Sunday? I am not, but some years that’s just how it is. I feel like I get to take a year off since last year we hosted Mister’s family and I went into Christmas overdrive trying to give them a great family holiday, since it only happens every other odd year or something. So this Christmas we’re taking it easy.

Don’t get me wrong, I still decorated my house, but I didn’t go crazy. I haven’t baked, bought presents or constantly listened to Christmas music all day. Nope. After our plans to go home for Christmas fell through we decided to be minimal in the Christmas craziness.

I did send Christmas cards, but most of them came back. Improper postage because the envelope is small and couldn’t be run through the sorter. I took it as a sign that the universe understands my Christmas non-spirit this year and is okay with it. We’ve talked it out, we’re okay now.

Anyway, it’s Friday so that means Friday Favorites!

The mister and I didn’t do presents this year so I didn’t make a list, but this is what would have been on it if I did.

Moccasins, Jacket, Food Processor, Kindle Fire, Measuring Cups

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!