Wednesday Wisdom: be courageous

A little over four years ago I was at one of those critical points in my life where I had two paths I could take. I could go to college and earn my Bachelor’s degree or I could not go to school and do something else like run away and live on a beach somewhere. I don’t remember what my other choice was because I think that I knew in my heart that school was the only real option for me at that point. So I started college. It was the scariest and most exciting decision I had made up to that point. I knew that I would be putting everything else on hold for the next few years to achieve this massive goal but that was okay because I knew it would be worth it. Monday I start my last year of school and I’m just as excited and scared as I was four years ago. There have been times I thought I would never finish and now I’m only six classes from graduation. Even with all the sleepless nights and stressful days I wouldn’t take any of it back. If I have learned anything during college it’s that I have a pretty good sense of intuition, it told me to go to school and it’s kept me in there every day since.

Listen to your gut people, it knows what’s up.



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom: be courageous

  1. College just shows you what you didn’t know that you knew already… you are truly an amazing woman and an inspiration! Go GET ‘EM! 🙂

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