The ‘Burgh! Part Two: Back to the Pitt

Last night I went to Target and ran into my friends Sarah and Michelle. Apparently Target is where all the cool ladies hang out on Fridays, we know what’s up. Sarah shared with me that she was sad I didn’t take any selfies during my trip. I’m sad too Sarah, I’m sad too. Sarah won’t like this post, there are no pictures of people. Just pictures of buildings. The architecture of downtown Pittsburgh is pretty amazing. Right next to a steel skyscraper you’ll find a gothic church with a hot dog restaurant in it.  The ‘Burgh was full of surprises and I can’t wait to go back and explore when there’s more time.

Friday night mister and I got lost with one of our friends in downtown. It took us over an hour to walk about 5 blocks because we couldn’t find our hotel. We may have walked past it a few times and we may or may not have been slightly intoxicated. On Saturday the groomsmen decided to get ready in our hotel room which meant I needed to vacate the premises for a few minutes. I retraced our drunken* walk from the night before and took pictures of everything. Here are some of my favorites.                                                                                                                *allegedly

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^This was our hotel. The Omni William Penn. Gorgeous. ^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^There were 13 weddings at the hotel on Saturday including this traditional Indian one. I just happened to catch the grooms procession. So much joy and celebration. ^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^Best pedicure of the weekend goes to this horse. ^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^Across from the hotel was a park with this fountain. A peaceful spot in the middle of all the hub-bub.^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^Love the color and textures in this flower patch.^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^The old Allegheny County Prison was just blocks from our hotel. We actually walked around the entire thing on our adventure.^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^Fancy wording in Pittsburgh.^



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^This gate was barely open so I snuck in. Little did I know that it was still the old prison…which was closed. Had to sweet talk a police officer to let me take some pictures. ^


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^Sometimes playing the dumb tourist pays off. ^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^A good hair flip works too. ^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^The Pirates (Pittsburgh’s Baseball team) are actually pretty good this season. The  excitement was infectious. ^


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^This is just a regular old door, no big deal.^


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA^This building reminded us of The Gargoyles movie. Remember that 80’s classic? ^


Have a great Saturday!



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