Lesson Learned..

I think there are some days where you plan ahead and think “there will be some pretty great photo opportunities so I should most definitely bring my camera because I will totally use it.” So you pack your fancy new (read: heavy) camera into your purse and lug it around with you all day until you realize that you haven’t used it once, and suddenly the day is over and all the pictures are now  just memories. Is that just me? This just recently happened and I’m still trying to get over it.

Last Sunday was one of those days, and it was so full of awesome that I’m sad I can’t share it like I want.  You see, I conspired and somehow made it so my mom, mister’s mom, my best friend and myself went to see Fleetwood Mac together in Portland. I still can’t get over the concert, it was ah-maz-ing! Stevie Nicks still has such a voice and don’t get me started on Lindsey Buckingham. Geesh!  It was such a fun girls trip and something that I will cherish forever and ever, and I hope I don’t forget all the amazingness because I don’t have any pictures. Oh wait, there’s this one:


One kinda okay photo from my phone, that had to be taken quickly before the section attendent threatened to take away my camera. So I guess I’ll have to just tell you about all the things I can’t show. Don’t worry, I’ll condense.

It was the very first time that the moms had met. Even though mister and I have been together for 8 (EIGHT!!) years, our parents have never met before. I thought that the concert would be, at the very least, a good buffer. And in case of any future mishaps we can always, “We always have Fleetwood.” They seemed to hit it off just fine and I’m glad we got all the introductions out of the way before the wedding. That would have been awkward.

After a weird dinner mishap, where the moms left us at the restaurant because our food was taking to long, my friend and I made it to the arena before they started. Unfortunately we were thirsty and got stuck at the bar level which apparently has no exits! I think we did a complete circle and missed the first song because we were stuck in some sort of Rose Garden purgatory. Somehow we managed to escape and make it to our seats.

I wore my cowboy boots and was very proud of myself that I seemed to break the curse of mischief on them. After getting ready I realized that I always seem to get into trouble when I wear those shoes. Not Fleetwood Mac night, nope, no trouble. Not like I can prove that, so you just have to take my word for it.

My friend and I had a very nice shopping day the day after the concert. My mom went home and we had breakfast with misters mom and then set off on our own adventure. We took the afternoon bus home, so we walked and shopped around downtown Portland until we had to be at the station. We had a total Almost Famous ride home on the bus, it was awesome.

It took four days for my voice to return. Mister was perfectly fine with that.

I guess I should look at this as a lesson learned. Always take pictures. Even when it will take you a few minutes, even if you have to ask a stranger. Always take a picture.

Especially when you take the time to curl your hair and wear your boots of mischief.


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