A Little Late…but just as exciting

This post is a long time coming, about two months and one week to be exact. I meant to write this last week, but life got in the way. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes your life changes in crazy and unpredictable ways. And sometimes even though you thought you were ready for something, when the moment happens you absolutely realize that you were not ready. And then everything becomes exciting and crazy, and nerve-wracking all at once. And suddenly you look at the world slightly different, because something that you wanted for so long is finally happening and what seemed like a dream is actually coming true. And then you panic, and you call your bestie, and your mom, and everyone is excited so you’re panic subsides and you finally get excited too.

So that happened. About two months and one week ago.

Because two months and one week ago, on February 4, 2012, after 6 ½ years together….


I know! RIGHT?!?!?


You totally thought I was pregnant, right? I get that. But I’m not. We’re just getting married.

The whole thing was rather sweet. Well, of course it was, that was silly thing to say. It was simple and not flashy, just a simple question in our kitchen. But it’s something I will never forget. I’ll tell you the story. When I have more time, and I’m not sick. And I don’t have a mountain of homework in front of me.

Now I guess the question is, does Mister get a new name? Should he now be “Fiancee?” That seems so formal. What do you think?


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