Project 365: Week 3!

Hello all! Sorry about the radio silence this past week. I got hit with something nasty and was unable to do anything but sleep and watch trashy tv. But real life called last night and said if I didn’t show up I would be fired. Needless to say I have a very busy week ahead of me. I just love a good game of catch-up.

Here are the things I was eternally grateful for this third week of 2012:

15/365: Cheesy Sweet Potato Fries. All the flavor, slightly less guilt.

16/365: Snow Day.

17/365: Organization tools. My life savers.

18/365: Date Night. Chinese food and movies in bed.

19/365: Girls night in. Something that was much needed after my week.

20/365: My necklace. The heart pendant was a gift from Mister on our first Christmas together. The Opal pendant was a gift to my mom from my dad many moons ago.

21/365: My quilt. It was made by my grandmother and it is one of the warmest things on the planet, it’s also fun and colorful. I love it very much.

Have a great week everyone!



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